Partial cleaning of public space

Water and cleaning tools, Variable size




The idea is to perform a range of ephemeral and respectful interventions with urban environment on a basic form located in each city I go and that is closely related to my artistic practice. Through paint, is possible to change texture and color in a surface in a relative permanent way. The objective of this action, conceived between the pictorial and the domestic, is to change momentarily texture and color of a surface using only water and cleaning utensils. The area is defined by a plastic expression resource called Autonomous form.


Partial cleaning of a public space in, 2014, Audiovisual, 00:07:27


Partial cleaning of a public space in Madrid, 2014, Audiovisual, 00:08:47


Partial cleaning of a public space in Mallorca, 2014, Audiovisual, 00:15:24