Folding canvases

Acrilic paint and vinyl printing on canvas and folder, 150 x 210 cm – Folded, 38 x 27 cm




The objective is to do a large format canvas, but one which will be as portable as fits in a DIN A3, DIN A4, or in a smaller format, like happens in Vila-Matas´s A Brief History of Portable Literature, and that it folds like a tablecloth, so the wrinkles cause by folding define a pattern where is placed the pictorial signs. Because the work process, seems logical that another fold reproduce visual elements from a half to the other half, or transfer some of its substance. Once this has taken place, the link with printing methods is self-evident. White and red colours are referring to one of the most habitual tablecloth colours present on the market.




IMG_9521(Nº8 CAJA)





Google search under “tablecloth” parameter.