Juan Sánchez, 1987

I was born and grew up between the Orchards and the Mar Menor (a coastal saltwater lagoon) of Murcia, which is located in Southern East Spain. My family was and still is working the land, looking after their growing vegetables and animals, using basic tools and precarious materials. I remember myself as a kid assisting my father to repair his petrol chain saw and motorbike, and I soon began to construct small objects and even a cabin made out of found materials, taking it as a game, in an environment surrounded by sparrows and lemon trees.

In the context of a BFA program in Spain, I spent one year painting in Germany and five months travelling and taking analogue photos in Mexico. The paintings and photos I produced during this time made me aware of the existence of some primal shapes in my practice, which I named Autonomous Forms, and of the possible formal and conceptual connection of my work with movements like Fluxus and the Formalist European Painting Tradition. Since then, I have been exploring how these primal shapes could behave related to the immediate context, the architecture and the object’s function.