Juan Sánchez (Murcia, 1987)

Lives and works in London.

Bachelor´s degree in Fine Arts by UCLM, Spain (2012) and MFA in Artistic Production by UPV, Spain (2015). External colaborator with Visualities and Temporalities of Contemporary Culture (E0A6-06) Researching Group and PhD in Fine Arts student at UMU, Spain. DKV Grand Tour grant and residence at Residency Unlimited in New York (2017). Bilateral Scholarship at UAEM, Mexico (2011) and Erasmus Scholarship at ADBK München, Germany (2010).

Sánchez highlight chance and poetics through his interdisciplinary practice, focusing on the exploration of the pictorial understood as a device on context. As a visual chronicler, his projects begins on the awareness of a certain keys present in unexpected situations. Articulation of those details allows him to develop conceptual structures linked to immediate environment and history.

He´s had solo exhibitions in spaces like Centro Párraga (2016) and LAB in Murcia (2016, 2015), T20 Gallery (2014), and Fundación Chirivella Soriano, in Valencia (2013). He´s been selected by Javier Díaz Guardiola for Proyectos ABC Cultural section by Portable printing (2015), and his work has been included in curated projects at Black Ball Projects and Holyrad Studio, in New York, ARCO Madrid (2016, 2014), SUMMA Art Fair Madrid (2015, 2014), ART Lima (2015), MUPAM Málaga (2016), Centre del Carme València (2014), Sala Parés – Galería Trama Barcelona (2014), Museo Memoria de Andalucía Granada (2013) or in Instituto Cervantes Múnich (2010).